Frederick Douglass Power Of Words Festival

Performance Slam Division

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Douglass festival performance slam. 
We invite you to complete the entire submission form below.  Upon committee review and approval, you will receive a confirmation message regarding your participation via email with accompanying time slot schedule options.

UNI students will be scheduled for Friday, September 21 and K-12 students scheduled on Saturday, September 22.

We anticipate the audience on Friday to be primarily the UNI community and the public. On Saturday we expect a broad Cedar Valley audience.
This festival is free and open to the public. All are welcome! 

Event Guidelines

THEME: Social Justice and/or Human Rights topics required. 
We look forward to your creative expressions on topics of Social Justice and Human Rights in honor of the life and legacy of Frederick Douglass.

1) Sample a principle or ideal from Frederick Douglass' writings or speeches to use in your presentation.
2) Offer YOUR powerful voice and thoughts on current social justice and human rights matters in the US and/or the world. 

1) Research Frederick Douglass (suggested website) and current affairs
     National Park Service:
2) Group or solo presentations acceptable
3) Technology available upon request; identify what technology is needed

•    Presentation length: minimum of 3 minutes; not to exceed 5 minutes
Categories of performance:
    Spoken Word
    Rap
    Music 
    Visual Arts
    Dance

Performance Slam Sign-up